Ocean & Earth softboards

Softboard - for Kids and Beginners.

The Softboard or Foamie is fast becoming, not only the board for beginners, but also a staple in your quiver for a bit of fun on the small days.

For the Beginners , its all about BUOYANCY, STABILITY and VOLUME

It really is that simple when learning to surf.

A soft surfboard’s large volume plays a key role in helping a new surfer learn how to balance on the board. The foam material adds buoyancy which can make it easier for beginner surfers to paddle and ultimately catch a wave. 

Softies are also more forgiving when it comes to landing on them and getting hit by them. Foam surfboards reduce the chance of injury by having softer edges and fins reducing the chances of your kid getting bumps and cuts when they come into contact with their surfboard.

It is really important to make sure to buy the right size surfboard for volume and maneuverability.

A child will need a different size board to an adult, so unfortunately one board will not do the whole family.

The below chart is a helpful guide to purchasing the right size board.

Ocean & Earth Ezi - Riders come in size 5'6 - 9'0 and an array of great colours.