Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Its exciting. Your holiday is fast approaching, its time to make sure you have everything ready.

Your flight and accommodation is booked so now its time to make sure you have all the things that will make your holiday easy, fun and memorable.

Once you have the main items packed such as 

  • Passport
  • money
  • credit card
  • phone and charger
  • medication (if needed)

Its time to make sure you have the small stuff.

Here at Ocean Earth / Tidal Surf we have made a checklist so you dont forget the little things.

  • Zinc / sunscreen
  • repair kit
  • ding tape
  • fin key
  • spare leash
  • spare fins
  • wax
  • wax comb
  • sunnies
  • wallet
  • beach towel
  • surf hat / cap
  • rashie

All packed , stay safe and have a fabulous holiday