slimline leash

The NEW Slimlime ONE-XT Worlds Strongest , Lightest leash

Ocean & Earth have been the leaders in design and durability in the production of the leash since 1979.

Here is the all new Slimline ONE-XT

World's strongest, lightest leash. Less drag more speed. The SLIMLINE One Piece cord connection has been engineered to dramatically reduce the overall width and weight of the leash cord. New 6mm swivel, refined strap and Slimline railsaver result in ultra-light performance.

Patented One Piece Cord technology. No Joins / No Weak Points

This is the lightest and strongest performance leash ever made. All materials have been designed to keep weight to a minimum. The Pro Comp is light but has the strength of the patented ONE-XT mould.