The Best Travel Covers for your Boards

The Best Travel Covers for your Boards

Ocean & Earth have the reputation of making the Best Travel covers and having the largest range.,  and well YES they do.

Here are the reasons why, 

  1. Ocean & Earth is owned and run by surfers, who know what is needed to protect your boards .
  2. they source the best quality products
  3. they are designed by surfers
  4. they understand what is need in a board cover
  5. they understand how many different boards are on the market and Ocean & Earth range is designed with this in mind.

Lets take a look at the premium travel range

  • Triple and double coffin covers 
  • Wheelie bags for longboards and shortboards
  • Triple and double compacts
  • Single Air con travel bag

Add these to the extensive day bag range and you have one of the biggest board covers ranges in the world.

Ocean & Earth have over 400 cover types

Trusted by surfers since 79, Ocean and Earth produce the world's largest range of surf accessories to inspire surf, travel, stoke.