Surfing - Good for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Surfing - Good for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Just a short blog about the benefits of surfing , not only for our body but for our minds as well.

Body Benefits: Surfing is an overall workout pf physical exercise as well as core strength for balance.

Paddling strengthens the upper body, improving cardiovascular fitness and upper-body strength. Its a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training.

Its a total workout, whilst having fun

Mind Benefits: Its a chance to learn about the ocean, watch the waves and learn how to read them. It requires patience and focus.

Its allows us time to think, ponder and be in awe of our surroundings. 

It allows us to set goals for ourselves, become a better surfer, ride a bigger wave, get our 1st barrel.  It offers us a sense of accomplishment. 

Sitting on your board, listening to the waves, watching our surroundings is soothing and a natural stress reliever .

Soul Benefits : Surfing and the ocean offer us a sense of freedom.  It gives us that connection with nature. It teaches us to appreciate our surroundings and to realise how precious and fragile our environment can be.

Surfing to most is not just a sport, but a way of life, and its something we can all enjoy.

All these great benefits, whilst smiling and having fun

Salt water heals everything.