SmoothStar Surf Skate - The Ultimate Surf Trainer

SmoothStar Surf Skate - The Ultimate Surf Trainer

What is a Smoothstar?  

To put it simply,  its a surfskate. Its a surf trainer.  Yes, its different to a standard skate board.

These were designed and built by surfers for surfers to improve your surfing.

Its like Surfing on land.

SmoothStar is the world's No.1 best surf trainer as voted by the world's leading surf coaches. Its described as the closest feel to surfing out of the water, it is a game-changer for surfers of all ages and abilities. The unique turning mechanism , located at the front of the boards helps the rider perform critical but smooth manoeuvres, just like turning a surfboard on land.

Smoothstar Surf Trainers, the most fun you can have on land.